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Scarica Stuart Little libro PDF, ePub, Kindle, eBook Online

Scarica Stuart Little libro PDF, ePub, Kindle, eBook Online

white e. b. - stuart little

Stuart Little

Pubblicazione: 10/1992


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  • Stuart Little

  • Unabridged, 2 hours 31 minutes, 2 compact discs<BR>Performed by Julie Harris <BR>For decades, E.B. White’s charming, bittersweet tales of friendship and adventure have enchanted audiences young and old alike. Now the magic of this beloved classic comes to life in a delightful and completely unabridged recording, read by award-winning actress Julie Harris. <BR>Stuart Little is a shy, philosophical little mouse with a big heart and a taste for adventure. In spite of his diminutive stature, barely two inches tall, <BR>Stuart sets forth into the world wtih some mighty big plans: to ride a Fifth Avenue bus, to win a sailboat race in Central Park, and to teach school for a day. But Stuart’s greatest adventure begins when he decides to find his best friend, Margalo, a pretty little bird who once lived in a Boston fern in the Littles’ house in New York City. Climbing into his tiny car, Stuart hits the open road, sure he’s heading in the right direction, only to find himself in for a big surprise. <BR>Filled with warmth, wit and wonder, “Stuart Little, is a timeless tale that speaks to the heroic spirit in all of us – no matter what our size.


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